Hi! My name is Athri Kasih, and I’m a blogger from Pekanbaru. If you are looking for a local travel and Indonesian culture story, you are in the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about me and this blog.

I grew up in Pekanbaru Riau – Indonesia. A city where people always said there is oil beneath and above the ground. There are many seasons here beside hot season and rainy season. Sometimes we have Durian season, Rambutan season, kites season, even flu season. I’ve been living in this city for the whole of my life. That’s why I named this blog berpesiar, which mean is wander around the city.

This is my first blog with specific niche. And I hope Berpesiar could continuously provide you interesting article that you looking for. And this blog will be my playing ground and I hope escalating my skill in digital marketing and its another specific skills. And here, Me and Berpesiar will take you to places where I found interesting. Hope you enjoy it.